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Joy Philip



Thomas John

Managing Director

Mr. Joy Philip brings his expertise as an electrical engineer and co-founder of the company to his role as chairman, where he is known for his strong work ethics. On the other hand, Mr. Thomas John has 37 years of experience in leadership positions within the organisation and is highly regarded for his trustworthy and dependable demeanour as the director of the company. Together, they form a strong team at the top of the company, with each bringing their unique strengths and skills to ensure the success and growth of the organisation.



Shijo Joy

Executive Director

Holding a degree “Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical”. Having more than 12 years of experience. His new generation leadership quality is taking the company to next level.


Jubin Thomas

Executive Director

Holding a degree “Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical”. Having more than 10 years of experience. His innovative business management and development skills are enhancing chances in year by year growth of company.


Rajesh Kumar

Sr. General Manager

Business Development & Projects

He had started his profession as an Electrical Engineer. He has rich experience in his professional working on various key posts as an Executive and Manager in E&I Projects in Oil & Gas sector for 22 years in India and abroad. His positive attitude always makes big impact in smooth running of Projects.


Pramod Kumar P. 


Finance & Accounts

After completion of M.Com. From Kerala University and secured experience in other establishment for 2 years, began his service with this entity for the last 17 yrs. His participation brought a positive change in the organization.


Reji John

Middle East

Operations Head

After securing Degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering achieved experience in various entities for 3 years, began his service with this entity for the last 20 years and currently managing business in Middle East.


V.S Chacko

Vice President

Human Resources

Graduate with post graduate Diploma in Personnel and Admin with 37 years of experience in HR field in Central Government Public Sector, started his carrier in this establishment for the last 8 years. His vast experiences bring us to new heights.

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